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Paul - Mammoth MX 2005


Packing the start

Good start to the weekend


Moto 1


Moto 2


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Paul charging the downhill at the 97 Mammoth Mtn. MX

Paul at the 97 Mammoth Mtn. MX

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Ian grabbing some air at Glen Helen Raceway with a couple of bros

Paul doing the "pro section" at an O.C.I.R. night race.  Check out the gaitors. (if you remember this your a Vet)

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Ian launching a double at Glen Helen Raceway.

This was the year Paul qualified 1st in CA for Ponca City OK (way old school)

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Ian hittn' a double at Glen Helen I think.

Ian at Perris Raceway.

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This was during practice the day PauI broke his neck at Anahiem. End of racing career.

Ian stuffn' his Kawi in some silty berm. (those silly berms)

Ian charging the "faster peakier" '99 Mammoth Freeway

Ian with my old school Premier Yamaha jersey Mammoth '92

Ian, finish line tabletop, Mammoth '95

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