A Few Things We Like To Do

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Pseduo Extreme Poser Skiing - We don't think we're Glen Plake, **Brad Holmes, or Kent  Krietler but we  know how to get down the mountain.  "It's not EXTREME unless you can die" Drop us an email and let us know what you think about this whole Free Skiing vs Extreme Skiing thing.  Don't bother about the Snowboard vs Ski thing, I'm into "The Spirt of Glisse'" I don't care how you get down the mountain as long as you try your hardest to SHRED!!  **Ian thinks he's John Holmes though!!

Racing Motocross -
"You don't stop racing because you get old, You get old because you stop racing".  Luckily were both still young and love to race, especially at Mammoth Mtn. MX!!  Ian's the one who took this sport to the National level, after I ended up sporting a bitchen halo brace for 6 months after breaking my neck at Anahiem Stadium.  Too bad they didn't have these freestyle jump contests when we were on top of our game...or maybe it's a good thing!!

Slalom & Barefoot H20 Skiing -
There's nothing quite like leaving Copper Canyon at Lake Havasu when it's 115 degrees out, and there's a million sweaty guys jumping off the rock, a  few naked chicks jumping each other, and you go to secret spot #3 just hammered and start carving the glass......NUDE!!!

Ocean Jet Skiing -
Out at the lake I'd rather be shredding behind my boat on a ski or barefoot, but put a jet ski in the ocean with some waves and you can definitly get your adreneline up to satisfactory levels, and that's before the Harbor Patrol even comes around.  (take me to Mex any day)

Backpacking/Fishing -
The last few years I've been getting into some really bitchen 3 & 5 day excursions in the Bishop Pass and Yosemite areas with my buddies Grant W. and Steve C. and Steve J.   Catching a big ol' Yellow Tail during El' Nino is cool, but I'll take a 12" native trout taken by fly rod in the backcountry over it any day.
Dicking with Computers - virtual_hacker.gif (7546 bytes)Alright, alright, so I like this shit.   It's just like wrenching on bikes.  Call me a nerd I don't care, call the cops if it makes you happy.  Just don't send me a virus.

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