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The Fitz-G Bros return to Mammoth Motocross

Ian - 1st Turn Crash Mammoth 2002 - Same Moto As Jeremy McGrath.
Watch Ian get taken out with nowhere to go.
He gets an ambulance ride and some new pins put in his wrist and a separated shoulder.

Paul - Missed Holeshot Moto 1 Mammoth 2002
Watch Paul miss a shift at the top of the uphill and blow a perfect holeshot...damn!!!

Paul - Holeshot Moto 2 Mammoth 2002
Dedicated this one to Ian while I was on the starting line, and he was sitting in the ambulance after his crash.

Proper form on Glen Helens 1st turn.
Paul - Holeshot at Glen Helen's "Talledega" 1st Turn 2002 (they make you wear a red vest the first time you race this club so they can keep an eye on you)  Narrated by Ian.

Improper form on "Talledega"

A retrospective of how not to hit Glen Helens first turn.

Trevor Barker gets run over in the 1st turn
From his "rootie to his tootie" as he told me when he came off the track laughing, He's #57 and his brother who does a quick pit-stop to check up on him is #63 - Mammoth 2006.

Favorite YouTube Videos
Epic Battles
Ricky Carmichael vs James Stewart - Washougal WA
Watch Bubba and RC pinball off one another in an epic battle and a true display of the essence of  the sport - Narrated by David Pingree.

Ricky and Bubba at Glen Helen
Our local track.

James Stewart and Chad Reed Jacksonville SX 2009
An epic Supercross battle with no love lost - Narrated by Ricky Carmichael and Jeff Emig.

2009 Motocross de Nations (The Olympics of Motocross)
A team race using combined results and Ryan Dungey wasn’t about to celebrate till he knew his teammate Ivan Tedesco had crossed the line without crashing in the last corner (they combine finishes to determine the winning nation) and he also  wanted to share the moment with his teammate instead of getting dragged to the podium like all the media was trying to get him to do.  “We won….FU*K YA….What ja get?....I won…..Did You?  F*CK YA!!  -  Dude, we DID it Ivan!”  Pure Raw Emotion expressed at the exact pinnacle of two athletes career.

Knarly Crashes

Ricky and Bubbas Most Memorable Crashes

“When done correctly motocross is a beautiful sport when done incorrectly not so much.” -Rob Engle.  After knocking himself unconscious at the Mammoth Motocross and responding to a Mammoth Hospital Nurse asking …why(as overheard by my brother and I in the next bed over).

Bubba Landing on RC
Watch RC toss Bubbas bike aside while Bubba takes a nap on the track.

Doug Henrys famous crash at Budds Creek
Remember this is before all his championships - A True Legend in the sport of motocross.

Mike Alessis brutal crash at Red Bud
(not for the feint of heart)

Mike Alessi 4 days after his crash
(Speed Bump)

Crash Compilation
I'm sorry I couldn't help it, my motocross buddies might not want to watch this.

New School Motocross Heroes
James "Bubba" Stewart

ESPN2 Sports E60 showcases
James Stewart.

"The most dominant athlete in any sport"

Nike Knows Bubba - "James Stewart 7.0"
Nike video shoot of the new 6.0 athlete

James "Bubba" Stewart - Answer Products video shoot
Nice Crib!!

Ricky Carmichael "The G.O.A.T."

Ricky Carmichael Tribute
(The Greatest Of All Time)

A Day In The Life of Ricky Carmichael
(Part 1 of 2)

Filmed at the Steel City National - Narrated by Art Eckman

A Day In The Life of Ricky Carmichael
(Part 2 of 2)

The GOAT gets revenge

The GOAT rides again
Like the sound of 2-strokes?  Then you'll love this clip of RC post retirement

Chad Reed and Ricky Carmichael Suzuki Test Track
Old adversaries have some fun post RC retirement

Ricky Carmichael Cribs
This is his old house





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